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Gifts for your pets don't have to be expensive, says Grantham expert

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Column by Sara Barnes, of Who Lets Your Dog Out?

With the current issues with the energy crisis, increased costs of food and reductions in allowances for those on Universal Credit Christmas can be a scary time.

Here are some ideas of what you can get your pet if you want them to have a gift under the tree, which won’t cost the earth and only last a couple of hours, or days:

Sara Barnes of Who Lets Your Dog Out? (53123986)
Sara Barnes of Who Lets Your Dog Out? (53123986)

Why not use this as the time to buy your dog a new collar, lead or harness – obviously if it’s not needed right now, it can be put aside for use

A new blanket, a drying coat or jacket for walking – these are practical and will help make your life easier in the wet, cold and muddy weather. They don’t have to be expensive to be effective, I have drying coats from zooplus which come in under £15 each which I use for the dogs I walk.

If your dog is a ball fanatic why not head to Grantham Tennis Club where they are selling off used tennis balls in amazing condition. 20 balls for just £5. Personally, I find proper tennis balls last longer with the dogs I walk than the cheaper pet tennis like balls, and some of mine are real chewers.

Try to teach you dog a new trick, they will be happy with you spending some extra time with you and the training treats.

Why not just let them play with the wrapping and boxes from the other gifts!

Remember for many dogs they don’t know what
Christmas is all about and
will be excited and interested in what is going on in the house on the day. An extra belly rub, a treat or two extra and a special dinner treat will be more than enough.

This practical, not frivolous, advice can be applied to all Christmas gifts for friends and family this year. Remember it’s the thought that counts!

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