Give some thought to town’s heritage

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The proposed KiNG31 development may be considered necessary, but once again the council keep up the tradition of destroying local history.

In 1990 they proposed to build a buisness park at Harlaxton Lower Lodge by the canal and A1.

Under the crops are the remains of a prehistoric ritual landscape, possibly one of the most important in the country - certainly the midlands, that have never had archaeological investigation.

Fortunately this came to nothing, but now the council propose to completely develop the area between Somerby Hill, Whalebone Lane, Saltersford and Spittlegate hill.

An area that once again has not been investigated properly, but contains at least one Bronze Age barrow and burials, the Iron Age/Roman Saltway and town of Saltersford, Romano/British burials, Anglo-Saxon burials and possibly the Saxon village of Houghton.

Given the current financial climate, what provision is to be made for the numerous historical discoveries, or is that not fiscally appropriate.

What’s next, stoneclad St Wulframs to protect the stonework?

Dave Aspland