Goodfellows cafe always catches everyone by surprise

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TAKING the wife out for a lunchtime snack at Goodfellows in Grantham was an emotional rollercoaster before we’d even sat down.

First of all, Mrs Graham was delighted to be heading somewhere for a meal instead of staying home for beans on toast but the pleasant demeanour began to slip when we walked into a giant fabric warehouse in Westgate.

But I knew all would be well again when we walked into Goodfellows itself. I think everyone who has ever walked into the quiet cafe has been more than pleasantly surprised by what has greeted them. It is beautifully decorated and has a wonderful traditional look which is timeless.

But it really is an odd first time experience. When you head into the head into the fabric warehouse your expectations of the cafe couldn’t be much lower, yet when you take your seat minutes later they couldn’t me much higher!

On the specials board, the chicken salsa wrap caught my eye. It came with fresh salad and was delicious. My companions ordered a bacon muffin and a tuna and sweetcorn baguette which they both enjoyed.

Even though it was only lunchtime, I decided to indulge my sweet tooth and ordered a dessert. After agonising over the choice between treacle and jam sponge I bit the bullet and ordered the former.

I wasn’t disappointed - it was excellent. There was also lashings of custard. To be honest I feared there would be too much custard and my sponge would be almost drowned but after combining it with each spoonful of sponge I found it was the perfect amount.

In short, I’d definitely recommend Goodfellows for a spot of lunch any day of the week. But make it fun and take a first timer and see if they ride the emotional rollercoaster!