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Government initiatives can help the young and businesses

Column by Jaz Abeysekera, marketing manager for Grantham College

Gaining employment for a young person is now harder than ever but there are ways to prevent so many being unemployed or out of education with new Government initiatives which are beneficial to both the young person and the business.

The search for an apprenticeship is becoming bigger and bigger and, now, if a business takes on an apprentice aged 16-24, they could receive up to £3,000 in doing so. If the apprentice is aged 25 or over, the business could receive up to £2,500. Aside from the obvious benefits to the apprentice of a great starting point and learning on the job from colleagues, the employer is benefitting too. Taking on apprentices gives you and your business the opportunity to shape and influence the young people who are joining your industry. You are ensuring that your industry is ever evolving, and new young people continue to enter it.

Jaz Abeysekera (2330672)
Jaz Abeysekera (2330672)

If an apprentice is not the commitment you are looking for, think about offering traineeships. The Government will provide an additional £111 million this year for traineeships in hopes to provide those with little or no work experience a great opportunity, while giving the employer an extra pair of hands. For an employer taking on a young person for a traineeship – which could last from six weeks to one year – an incentive of £1,000 will be provided. Your business could provide the opportunity for economic growth and better job prospects for young people.

T Levels are the latest qualifications for students to apply for which provide work experience and on-the-job skills but this is combined with study time at an education provider. The main differences between T Levels and apprenticeships is that students are not paid for the work experience side and only 20 per cent of the qualification hours are spent on the industry placement.

Whilst there is no monetary incentive for taking on a student for their T Level 315-hour (minimum) industry placement, there are still a number of benefits. Again, you will shape the future of your industry and can train someone from scratch but also, you are contributing to resolving entry level skills shortages.

Companies in key sectors are struggling to fill entry level vacancies so by offering an industry placement or an apprenticeship gives a young person the opportunity to develop their work readiness and technical skills and helps businesses ‘create’ the employees they require.

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