Graffiti returns by Grantham river with defiant message

The latest scrawls on the pedestrian bridge behind Riverside.
The latest scrawls on the pedestrian bridge behind Riverside.
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Graffiti is repeatedly being cleaned off but then reappearing on a bridge behind the Riverside sheltered housing complex.

The issue was first flagged up by 18-year-old Lewis John, who noticed the graffiti while doing some filming around the river as part of his media college course.

He said: “This is really getting out of hand - we need to catch the people who are doing this!”

While the graffiti was then removed, the Journal visited the spot again on Friday only to discover more in its place, with the defiant ‘We will tag’.

Speaking to surrounding residents, it appears that this is by no means the first time. A female tenant who preferred to remain anonymous said: “It’s terrible isn’t it. And it keeps coming back.”

Cindy Brom, 66, of Riverside said: “It is such a shame. It’s been going on for years. I’ve seen them doing it, a group of them who sit there and throw their cans over the wall into the river.”

Although she cannot be sure, Ms Brom estimates that the group are aged between 14 and 16 years old.

She also pointed out that a post by the wall appears to have been part of a former gate, and that reinstalling this might help tackle the problem in a similar way to the gate by Redcross Street.