Graham, you were a wonderful man

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GRAHAM Hutton, I knew you for nearly 50 years. You were my younger sister Julie’s first boyfriend.

I remember we were not allowed out in Sleaford on a Saturday night, so it was always a Friday night and you would come to call for her with a pack of bacon for our mother, and a box of Black Magic for Julie.

You then worked at the bacon factory in Ruskington and Julie hated Black Magic, but never had the heart to tell you.

The bacon was always acceptable, as money was tight. Mother thought you were wonderful and Graham - you were. Always smiling, kind, sincere and yes, determined to make people happy.

I found out many years later that when we were delivered home [which was of course early] you and my boyfriend went off to your house to play cards all night long.

You will be so missed. Condolences to Ginny, Steven, Penny & Kate.

Susan Tullick [nee Baines]

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