Grantham A&E closure letter: Not impressed by protest turnout

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What a disgraceful, abysmal response today (Saturday), at the entrance road of Grantham Hospital.

I estimate a pathetic attendance of 300 people were present, to protest against the closure of the A&E department through the night for three months.

The apathy demonstrated by the unattending people, in the catchment area of Grantham, was on display today in front of TV camera crews.

I asked the TV camera operators, if they could make the 300 attendance look larger. They laughed.

Those people who did not attend, who could have attended, should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

When an emergency occurs now, don’t call for the ambulance, it will be at Lincoln, Boston or Nottingham.

If you have use of a car, or phone for a taxi, it will get you to the nearest A&E hospital previously listed, much quicker...

Should the loss of Grantham’s A&E prove to be a success, do not expect its 24-hour facility to be reinstated.

What the drunken idiots will do, after their weekend brawls in the town, will be very interesting for police and ambulance crews to administer, with no A&E facility open in Grantham through the evening and night.

Should a major accident occur on the A1, or on the railway in this area, how will it be dealt with, when no local hospital use is available?

Mr F. S.Jessop, Grantham