Grantham A&E letter: Leave our hospital alone

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Once again we are faced by yet another attack on the viability of our valued hospital.

Each year of the 40 years I’ve lived in Grantham, ULHT has found a continued variety of ways to undermine our hospital, and each time they have been repulsed by the people, they’ve gone quiet for a while, but not before taking away yet another speciality by them manufacturing a situation where it was no longer used, as with the maternity ward which in my opinion, was connived at by some of the town’s medical profession as well.

This is death by a thousand cuts, calculated, again in my opinion, to downgrade it, sell off the land for housing development (as with the nurses’ quarters).

So now we are all to be carted off to those scruffy, overworked, impersonal hospitals at Lincoln or Boston, all a nightmare to get to, or from where the mortality rate is unenviable.

If I’m going to die I’d rather die in the street of my own town.

Oh, out of curiosity, just where is our erstwhile MP during this, once again critical time for our town?

Carol Abraham, Grantham