Grantham author uses first-hand experience of mental illness to write novel

Richard Coppin.
Richard Coppin.
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Talented artist and author Richard Coppin is raising awareness of mental illness through his latest novel.

In writing The Curse of Beckett’s Wood, Richard has drawn on his own first-hand experience of a breakdown, and said: “It’s still there; the taboo. Even in this politically correct world we now live in, the idea of mental health is still steeped in stigma.”

The book is a three-part psychological, mystery thriller about an unknown cyclist who becomes oppressed by sinister forces in the local area and entangled in murder, passion and revenge.

Part two follows David Harper as he struggles through life trying to block out difficult memories but is unsettled when he finds out more about his past.

“I hope that by letting the fictional character of David Harper tell his story, people will come to realise just how easy it is to fall victim of something that society would like to brush under the carpet,” added Richard.

The Curse of Beckett’s Wood was released on Monday to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week, and is available to download from the Amazon Kindle Store for £5.14.

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