Grantham bus driver caught reading while driving

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CONCERNED readers got in touch with the Journal this week after witnessing a bus driver reading a newspaper whilst driving along Brook Street, Grantham.

Kelly and Danny Wright, of Signal Road, Grantham, were shocked by what they were seeing, so got their phone out and started to film as the bus pulled away - with the driver still reading.

Kelly said: “I was disgusted. He had passengers on that bus and some of them were kids. At the end of the day it’s dangerous driving.

“At the beginning he was sitting in traffic and we thought we would give him the benefit of the doubt, but then he actually turned the page as he pulls off.”

They contacted Centrebus, the company that owns the buses, but Kelly said they did not get a response.

She added: “I think it’s amazing how he’s still driving the bus. Personally I think he should be stopped.

“He had got kids’ lives in his hands. It is such a big vehicle that he’s in charge of. He could’ve hit someone.”

As the bus driver drove on he folded the paper up and put it down, she said.

Operations manager of Centrebus Grantham Alan Humphreys said the driver was disciplined by the company and given a two week suspension when the Wright’s video footage came to light.

He said: “It was dealt with as a disciplinary matter. I don’t appreciate what he has done, it shouldn’t have been happening. He shouldn’t have been doing what he was doing at the steering wheel. Hopefully it will never happen again. He was in traffic but that doesn’t give him the right to get the newspaper out and start looking at it.”

Mr Humphreys said the company deals with any matter like this, which is brought to his attention, seriously. He said he did reply to the concerns raised by the Wrights.

He added: “I’m always willing to listen to customers and take their comments on board. I’m on top of the drivers at every stage but I can’t be sat with them 24/7. I rely on the workforce to do their best for the company. The driver is still with the company and I haven’t had any other bad reports about him.”

Lincolnshire police have given the footage to the road policing unit.