‘Grantham bus firm left my daughter stranded’

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A mother says a bus company has let her down after it advertised a service near her new home but then failed to pick up her daughter for school.

Miranda Hall-Morley recently moved to the Barrowby Lodge area of town from Claypole so her two daughters could be closer to their schools. She says Centrebus had advertised a service stopping outside Newton Nursing Home on Barrowby Road just after 8am, but the bus failed to pick up her daughter Charlotte, 13, a student at KGGS.

She said: “One of our main concerns in buying our new home was the fact Centerbus advertised a “back to school” travel program. The bus stop advertised on their website is at Newton Nursing Home on Barrowby Road to school at 8.05am.

“Their ads clearly state a school run to this school. I work mostly in London, so this was very important to me since my daughter needs to get to school and back on a daily basis.

“Every day since school began, she has waited alone at the bus stop until 8.30 am. The bus has never arrived. We have been informed by other children that the bus went “off piste” and didn’t actually go on the advertised route. Up until yesterday, the bus route was still advertised, however, after making four complaints and without any explanation, they have taken it off their site.

“How can this company sell ‘back to school’ cards with advertised routes and when children go back to school just decide they aren’t going to do it? I have made 12 phone calls and every advisor has told me conflicting information - ‘it’s the number X6, it’s the number 6, it’s the number 3 , oh we aren’t doing it anymore’ - even though it’s advertised on their site!

“I think many families that move to this development are going to have major problems with this company, and to be honest, they don’t know their products, don’t know what they are doing, and many children, young children, are going to be stranded at bus stops far and wide.”

Centrebus commercial director Dave Shelley said: “Services 6 and X6 provide links to KGGS school from a number of places to the west of Grantham. During the last academic year, one of the buses on schooldays ran along Barrowby Road but we introduced a new timetable from 1st September in preparation for the new school term and from that date this journey was diverted via Barrowby village and Dysart Road. This was in response to customer feedback in Barrowby where buses were becoming overcrowded, and took into consideration that there had been little usage of the bus along Barrowby Road last year.

“At other times of the day, this part of Grantham is served by route 3, which we operate under contract to Lincolnshire County Council. Since the start of the term, our buses have been correctly running to the new timetables which we have been advertising for a number of weeks.

“I am sorry that our service does not meet Mrs Hall-Morley’s needs. We will be happy to provide her with a full refund for her unused Back to School card if she can return it to us.”

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