Grantham canal: Evidence of ‘barbaric’ illegal fishing discovered

A rope with hooks attached used in Grantham canal.
A rope with hooks attached used in Grantham canal.
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Evidence of illegal fishing on Grantham Canal has been uncovered by a water bailiff.

Jim Wheeldon, a bailiff with the Grantham Angling Association, has discovered ropes in the canal, used to catch fish.

The ropes had a number of hooks attached to them and were slung across the canal and lef t overnight .

Mr Wheeldon said: “I found one of these ropes last week. It has 12 hooks on it and it was stretched across the canal near Trent Road.”

Mr Wheeldon described the practice as ‘barbaric’, saying the hooks are barbed and are left unattended which is illegal. He said the ropes would be collected the following day before it gets light.

Mr Wheeldon added: “We have had illegal fishing up there in the past with people having no licences, but this is just ridiculous.”

A spokesman for the Environment Agency, said: “We take illegal fishing very seriously and work hard to bring offenders to justice, as well as protect the future of the sport for legitimate anglers.

“With thousands of kilometres of watercourses to cover, our enforcement work has to be – to some extent – intelligence-led, so we welcome Mr Wheeldon’s report and would encourage anyone who spots potentially illegal activity to contact us. We are investigating his concerns and will not hesitate to take action against offenders.”