Grantham Carnival Princess 2011 says ‘don’t let bullies get to you’

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A HOST of girls and their families packed out the Guildhall on Wednesday night for the ceremony to crown this year’s carnival princess.

Judges including town mayor Rob Hearmon and his wife Delia, Leanne Docherty from unveiled by Leanne and last year’s carnival princess Emily Pinch had a tough night selecting the winner.

Carnival Princess Night 2011 at The Guildhall.

Carnival Princess Night 2011 at The Guildhall.

But after hours of deliberation 13-year-old Hannah-Eve Buff from St Hugh’s Academy was given the honour of becoming Carnival Princess 2011.

She said: “I’m ecstatic. I didn’t have any idea I was going to win. It means a lot because I can show all the people who bullied me what I can do.

“I’m most looking forward to meeting everyone at the carnival.”

Hannah’s attendants for this year’s carnival, Lizzie Chatterton and Maisie Schafer, were in shock when their numbers were announced.

Lizzie, 12, from Sir William Robertson High School said: “I was sat there clapping to my number and then realised it was me.”

Both attendants were also thrilled for their worthy winner.

Maisie said: “She’s really nice and kind and she looks lovely tonight.”

To see the carnival princess and her attendants go along to the carnival weekend on June 18 and 19.