Grantham Chantry Dance Company supports young choreographers with Guildhall show

Chantry Dance Company's 'Ulysses Unbound' & 'The Stacked Deck' EMN-160824-143335001
Chantry Dance Company's 'Ulysses Unbound' & 'The Stacked Deck' EMN-160824-143335001
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‘Ulysses Unbound’ & ‘The Stacked Deck’ hits the stage at the Guildhall Arts Centre in Grantham on September 21 at 8.30pm and also at Stamford Arts Centre on September 22 at 7.30pm.

This is in support of this years launch of Chantry’ Dance Company’s ‘Young Choreographers Celebration’, in an attempt to allow young people to show off their creative skills and encourage them to be more confident, as well as the chance to explore the life of professional dancers and choreographers.

Dance students have been selected from nominated schools and universities to enter a choreography competition and will be judged by professional choreographers who have choreographed in the London West End.

These students will be judged and selected to perform their choreography at the Grantham Guildhall Arts Centre or the Stamford Arts Centre, prior to the ‘Ulysses Unbound’ & ‘The Stacked Deck’ performances.

The nominated groups this year are, The Welland School, Dance Pointe and Lincoln Dance Collective from Lincoln University.

‘Ulysses Unbound’ follows the journey of an astronaut who departs a dying earth, witnesses a creation of a new star and ends up on an alien planet with alien-like creatures.

‘The Stacked Deck’ depicts life to be a difficult game and also difficult to win, but this show teaches us whether if it’s even about winning the game at all, or rather how we play the game.

The Chantry tour has been spoken about extensively and all in good words.

Don’t miss out and order your tickets at or telephone 01476 406158. For the Stamford showing visit or call 01780 763203.