Grantham charity for youngsters is wound up after 20 years

News from the Grantham Journal -, @granthamjournal on Twitter,
News from the Grantham Journal -, @granthamjournal on Twitter,
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A charity which has worked with schools for 20 years is being wound up.

SHOUT, the Scheme to Help Others by the Under Twenties, was set up in 1993 as a voluntary action award scheme for young people between the ages of seven and eighteen.

Its aim has been to encourage young people to accept ownership and responsibility for the communities they live in.

Schools which have taken part in the scheme have included King’s School, St Hugh’s, Walton Girls, and Barrowby, Harlaxton, Spitalgate and Isaac Newton Primary Schools.

Hon secretary Judith Potter was involved from the start when she was a science technician at St Hugh’s.

Mrs Potter said: “I think it has fulfilled its need. The Trustees of the charity have now decided that it is time to wind up proceedings as the number of participating schools has dwindled.

“It is agreed that all the aims of SHOUT are now undertaken by the curriculum in schools and that SHOUT has become unnecessary for the wellbeing of the children involved.

“The remaining assets of the charity are to be donated to ROCK Challenge which is also a local venture under the umbrella of the nationally run Be Your Best Fund.”

A sum of about £2,000 will be donated to ROCK Challenge. The Trustees will meet on Monday to finally wind up the charity.

Under SHOUT, children were introduced to such acticities as First Aid, disability awareness, crime prevention, the principles of voluntary work and fundraising for charities.