Grantham church could introduce card payments for donors

Father Stuart Cradduck
Father Stuart Cradduck
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Churches are turning to 
contactless payments in a bid to make giving easier.

St George’s in Stamford uses such card payment systems finding parishioners sometimes have no cash during the services.

In the Grantham area, however, their use is less widespread, but that may change after the Church of England last week gave approval to the use of such technology at its 16,000 sites.

Father Stuart Cradduck, rector of St Wulfram’s, says the church takes such payments for events such as when it hosted the Grantham Business Awards but “not for Sunday morning, not at this stage.”

St Wulfram’s Church was keen to make giving easier and had discussed using the technology, but he said: “We are just not that far.”

Rev Ian Worrall, minister responsible for Harrowby Lane, Colsterworth and Corby Glen Methodist churches, said his churches did not use such payments but there was no reason why they should not. People came as guests to his services, and there was no collection during them. Instead, people gave to the church by standing order.

John Dyson, vicar of Barrowby Parish Fellowship, said the technology would be too expensive for his small group but larger baptist churches in the cities accept such payments. Instead, his flock donates using envelopes or standing orders.

Peter Hopkins, rector of Barrowby All Saints Church, said his parishioners donate by direct debit, which also lets them claim tax relief. Older people prefer existing methoods, but he accepted younger ones may one day prefer paying by mobile phone as they tend not to carry cash.

He also said his churches have wi-fi that would allow this and his staff that count the money would find this easier than handling loose change, so he would be “interested” in using such technology.