Grantham Clean and Green Campaign: A positive reaction

Grantham Clean and Green.
Grantham Clean and Green.
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Clampdowns on dog fouling, fly-tipping and littering have been welcomed.

People in University Square have given the district council a pat on the back after it took steps to explain the correct ways to dispose of rubbish.

The authority’s waste and recycling team spent £900 in a 3.5 tonne clear up of the area in February. Its Environmental Health team has since delivered leaflets in the area explaining which type of rubbish and recycling items need to go in bins or bags and on its bulk item collection service.

Footage from cameras installed in nearby alleyways is providing evidence for potential prosecutions.

SKDC’s operations director Ian Yates said: “We’re pleased residents have responded positively to our efforts to help them create cleaner, greener and healthier areas where they live.

“Thanks go to the majority of residents in University Square who are responsible citizens who take the time and effort to recycle and bin waste correctly and never allow their pets to foul in a public place.

“We know and encourage people to use local charity shops to dispose of their unwanted household items.

“We continue to monitor the area and work with residents to alleviate issues that arise. If anyone has information that can help us then they should call us on 01476 406080.”