Grantham court: Defendant’s throat cut during domestic row

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The court heard how police were called to a domestic incident by the defendant, only to find him with a cut throat and after a scuffle ended up charging him with resisting arrest.

Christopher Roberts, 29, formerly of Kedleston Road, Grantham, pleaded guilty to resisting officers in the execution of their duty on March 19.

Prosecutor Marie Stace described how police received a call from Roberts saying that his partner was ‘going ballistic’, before he called back saying they didn’t need to attend in a slurred voice, while a female could be heard talking calmly in the background.

Officers decided they would still go to the property, and found Roberts upstairs with a slit to his throat, and claiming that his partner had done it with a Stanley knife.

However as they questioned him he kept changing between saying she had done it and saying she hadn’t, and his partner claimed that he had attacked her.

The row appeared to have started after another woman had called that evening, added Miss Stace.

After arresting his partner, police then went to handcuff Roberts, but he tensed up before lashing out and charging towards another officer standing at the front door.

Roberts was restrained on the floor, but again tried to charge at officers and was kept against the wall until a police van arrived and he was taken to the police station.

Nicola Grey, defending, described it as ‘a very regrettable incident’, and said Roberts had drunk a significant amount of vodka, and couldn’t remember being taken into custody, but he was upset at being arrested.

Roberts was fined £135, and must also pay a £20 victim surcharge and £85 in prosecution costs.