Grantham court: Dispute over facts in assault case

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A Grantham man has pleaded guilty to one charge of assault by beating, although a Newton hearing will take place to determine the exact details of the incident.

A Newton hearing is held when a discrepancy between the prosecution and defence’s version of events is enough to affect the sentence.

Daniel Wooding, aged 30, of Harlaxton Road entered a guilty plea to one charge of assault by beating.

The court heard from the prosecution how Wooding assaulted his ex-partner on October 31 as well as threatening to burn down the house where she lives with her three children.

Prosecutor Marie Stace explained that the pair had been in a relationship between nine and ten months, and that it had been an affair.

At around 7.30pm on October 31 the complainant was at a friend’s house when Wooding and others turned up outside.

Wooding was knocking on the window and shouting ‘You f***king slag, just wait and see.’

About 15 minutes later the complainant received a phone call from her sister who was looking after the three children, to tell her that Wooding had now turned up at her home address.

She returned home where Wooding demanded that she look at him, but when she turned to walk away Wooding grabbed her arm which left bruising to the back of her upper right arm.

The victim also stated in her account, read out by Miss Stace, that Wooding put two hands around her throat before pushing her back so that her slammed against the door, although these assaults are not accepted by the defendant.

Miss Stace continued that the victim then got back into the house, and her sister was shut the door.

Although the victim then returned to her friend’s house, she was contacted by her sister again when Wooding came back and started making threats to burn the house.

His ex-partner returned through the back door, and shouted that if Wooding didn’t leave she would call the police, to which he replied that he didn’t care and didn’t care about jail, before reiterating that he would burn the house with her and her children in it.

Wooding then ran off, with police arriving at the house a minute later.

Throughout the incident the children were said to be scared and one of them was crying.

Miss Stace also added that Wooding gave no comment replies during interview, although he did say that if he wanted to harm the victim ‘I would punch her square in the face.’

Wooding was last before court in April of this year and received a conditional discharge, which he had therefore breached with this offence.

Defending, Julian Sheen highlighted that his client accepted that he had ‘grabbed her arm rather more forcefully than he intended’, but did not accept that he had grabbed her by the throat and banged her head against the door.

The rubbing marks to the victim’s neck were also questioned by the defence.

Magistrates agreed that a Newton hearing should take place, describing the difference in the two accounts as ‘quite a large discrepancy’ that would affect their sentence.

The hearing will take place on February 25 at Grantham magistrates’ court.

Wooding remains on conditional bail not to contact the victim by any means and not to attend her address.