Grantham court: Drug user stole from his mother

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The court heard how a man addicted to mephadrone, known as mcat, stole items valued at £300 from his mother and sold them to pay for the drug.

Michael Evans, 33, of Harrowby Close, Grantham admitted to theft by finding of a Panasonic electronic notebook and a Nintendo Wii games console.

Paul Wood, prosecuting, outlined how on two separate occasions Evans stole each item belonging to his mother, which despite their high value he then sold for £10 to pay for mcat.

Evan’s mother had heard him in the early hours of April 6, and then woke to find her electronic notebook missing.

When she confronted him he admitted to the theft and despite her then giving him money to buy it back this was not successful.

After Evans stole the games console on May 29 and once again sold it, she then reported him to police.

Mr Fraser, defending, said Evans had a long-standing problem with drugs, having previously been addicted to heroin but then moved on to the former recreational drug mcat which is now illegal.

However Mr Fraser said his client was now trying to get his life together, and said he had not taken mcat since the last offence and had an interview for a job.

Mr Fraser added: “He is extremely lucky that his Mum is here in court with him, when most parents would probably have washed their hands of him.”

Magistrates also said Evans was ‘lucky’ and described his crime of stealing from his mother as ‘horrible’, before sentencing him to a 12 month community order during which he must complete 250 hours of unpaid work.

In addition Evans was given a compensation order to pay £300 back to his mother, and a victim surcharge of £60.