Grantham court: Drunk attacks vehicles but is caught by owner

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Court news.
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A 28-year-old man who drunkenly damaged vehicles belonging to strangers has received a conditional discharge.

Audrius Somka of Hawthorn Court, Grantham pleaded guilty to two charges of causing criminal damage to property on September 2.

Prosecutor Jim Clare described how in the early hours Somka left his girlfriend’s home ‘very much the worse for wear’ having drunk a large amount of alcohol.

Somka walked along Dysart Road before turning into Trent Road and then ‘for reasons best known to the defendant’ attacked a parked Ford Mondeo.

Mr Clare said Somka kicked the vehicle causing damage to the offside wing mirror and doors.

He then proceeded to kick a Land Rover, although no damage and no charge was brought in relation to this incident.

However at that point the defendant was seen by a resident who was putting the bins out and shouted at Somka to ask what he was doing to the car.

This led Somka to approach a Volkswagen Transporter belonging to the resident, which he kicked to leave a dent while shouting and swearing.

He then ran off but the resident gave chase and managed to tackle the defendant to the ground, before restraining him by sitting on top of Somka until police arrived.

Mr Clare added that the defendant was aggresive towards officers before being taken away in a police van.

Subsequently Somka was charged for £1200 worth of damage to the Ford Mondeo as well as damage of an unknown amount to the Volswagen Transporter.

Rory Macmillan, defending, questioned the figure given on how much it had cost to repair the Mondeo.

He told the court that Somka did not have any problems with alcohol, but on this occasion he estimates that he had drunk five litres of beer and half a litre of whiskey after going through personal issues with his girlfriend.

On leaving he then took out his frustration on the vehicles, with Mr Macmillan adding: “He feels bad for the owners and would like to apologise.”

Somka was given a conditional discharge lasting 12 months, and was told to pay £500 in compensation rather than the full amount.

He must also pay prosecution costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £15.