Grantham court: Father in custody for not doing his community work

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A 22-year-old father was sentenced to 12 weeks in custody after breaching his suspended sentence for the third time.

Alan Moore, of Sycamore Court, admitted that he had failed to comply with the community requirements of his suspended sentence by not attending all of his unpaid work and supervised appointments.

Moore received the suspended sentence on April 7 for burglary, handling stolen goods, theft and criminal damage offences.

Chris Payne from the probation service informed magistrates that there 
had already been two previous breaches in 
relation to scheduled unpaid work, with Moore having 75 
and a half hours left outstanding.

However Mr Payne added that Moore had made progress with other aspects of his community order, in particular completing 
the Thinking Skills programme.

Due to Moore having until recently worked at a cafe in Grantham, efforts had also been made to ensure his appointments fitted around his job.

Defending, Julian Sheen explained that Moore lives with his partner and their two-year-old child, and that both of them had been juggling work and childcare.

Moore no longer worked at the cafe due to the business closing, but had been offered another job which he was prepared to turn down in order to complete the unpaid work.

Referring to the third breach, Mr Sheen added: “He realises the precariousness of his situation.”

Magistrates decided to activate the suspended sentence, although they gave Moore credit for his admission and reduced it from 18 to 12 weeks in custody.