Grantham Court: ‘It’s a fair cop’ says drink-driver

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Drink-driver John Pattison said “it’s a fair cop” when appearing before magistrates on Monday.

Pattison, 67, of Templars Way, South Witham, admitted drink-driving after being stopped in Stamford. A road-side breath test found he was just over the limit.

Pattison, defending himself, said: “It’s a fair cop, as they say. No arguments.”

However, Pattison told magistrates he was caught out by a change of barrels at the pub where he was drinking.

He said: “I was drinking mild which is normally under four per cent but they changed the barrel just as I got there and it was 5.5 per cent.

“I obviously thought I was okay but didn’t realise what I was drinking was as strong as it was.”

Pattison was disqualified from driving for a year. He was fined £210 and must pay costs of £85 and a £21 surcharge.