Grantham court: Man smashed windows after row on night out

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The court heard how a Grantham man threw bricks through a window following an argument on a night out.

Craig Price, aged 28, of Avenue Road, Grantham entered guilty pleas to two charges of criminal damage and one of resisting a constable in the execution of their duty.

Prosecutor Shelley Wilson, explained that on the evening of October 11 one of the complainants had gone out to celebrate a birthday in Grantham, while her 14-year-old sister and a friend stayed at home.

In the early hours while in a club the complainant met up with the defendant who was a friend, and he bought her a drink.

However when they met up again in another club there was an argument between them, during which a threat was made by Price that he would smash her windows.

Shortly before 4am the complainant had a phone call from her sister who said that a window had been smashed at the house, and she took a taxi home.

On arriving back she saw the hole in the window and two halves of a brick on the floor of the lounge.

Mrs Wilson added that the sister and friend had been sleeping in the lounge when the pieces of brick had come through the window, with one landing on the sister’s tablet and smashing the screen.

The police were called and officers found Price wandering the street nearby, but when they came over to him he said: “You’re not arresting me.”

When they attempted to arrest him, Price pulled away and prevented his hands from being handcuffed.

During the scuffle an officer rugby tackled Price to the ground, and it took four of them to restrain him before he was taken to the police station.

Chris Pye-Smith, defending, said that Price had found the bricks on the ground which he threw at the window, rather than going to the property with them intentionally.

He added that his client had not seen the smashed tablet himself, but had nevertheless accepted this charge of causing criminal damage along with that relating to the window.

In relation to obstructing arrest Price admitted that he had straightened his arms to prevent the officers from putting on the handcuffs.

For this offence Price was ordered to pay a fine of £55, along with a fine of £55 for the criminal damage and a total of £280 in compensation.

This was added to a £20 victim surcharge and a £40 contribution to prosecution costs.