Grantham court: Man Tasered by police after they arrest drunken woman

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Court news
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A man was Tasered by police when he tried to stop them taking away a woman they had arrested.

Tafara Tenederia Washoma, 35, of Harlaxton Road, Grantham, admitted obstructing a constable in the execution if his duty on January 6.

Prosecuting, Jim Clare said police officers were dealing with a drunken woman in Sharpe Road in Grantham at 9pm. The woman was arrested and Washoma became agitated and tried to obstruct the officers. They tried to calm him down, but Washoma became increasingly angry as the woman was led away.

Mr Clare said Washoma tried to get between the officers and one of them tried to push him away. The defendant became abusive and one officer drew his Taser as a warning to him.

Washoma continued to be aggressive and the officer discharged his Taser into Washoma’s chest. Washoma fell back onto the grass and was arrested.

Simon Cobb, defending, said the woman was arrested to prevent a breach of the peace and Washoma felt that was unfair. Mr Cobb said: “In the cold light of day, he regrets reacting in the manner he did. He was Tasered as a result of his obstructive behaviour. He makes no excuse for what happened.”

Washoma was fined £80 and ordered to pay costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £20.