Grantham court: Man threw chips at ex-girlfriend’s face on night out

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A trainee accountant assaulted his ex-girlfriend by throwing a packet of chips in her face on a night out in Grantham.

Jordan Lee Drury, 21, of Hever Close, Grantham, admitted the assault in Market Place, Grantham, on July 6.

Prosecuting, Shelley Wilson told the court that the incident took place in the early hours when the pubs and clubs were closing.

Three girls were sitting outside an empty shop in Market Square and police officers noticed Drury seemed to be arguing with them.

The officers saw him throw something at one of the girls which hit her in the face.

He then went to grab an item off her and stamp on it. Another female tried to push him away.

The officers restrained Drury on the floor, but he was “very uncompliant”.

Mrs Wilson said he was shouting and swearing and clearly under the influence of some substance.

He was arrested and taken to the police station but was obstructive on the journey.

In a statement, Drury’s former girlfriend said she had been to Knipfest the previous day where she saw him.

He had offered her a lift home, but she declined and had told him she wanted nothing more to do with him.

She claimed Drury had continually harangued her whenever she returned home from university.

She said on previous occasions he had spat at her.

On this particular night, the victim said Drury had sat down in front of them while they were eating takeaway food and had made some spiteful comments about a friend.

He then threw the packet of chips in her face and mayonnaise had gone into her hair.

A friend of Drury tried to calm him down and then the officers arrived.

Mrs Wilson said: “She felt very distressed by his actions and his aggression and she made a complaint.”

She said the victim wanted a restraining order made against Drury.

Defending, Bill Frasier told the court that the restraining order would be welcomed by his client.

Mr Frasier said their relationship had ended in November once his girlfriend had gone to university.

He said it had been a sobering experience for Drury who had not been in court before.

Drury was fined £40 with £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge. A 12 month restraining order was made against him.