Grantham court: Newcomer hit after suffering racial abuse

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Court news.
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The court heard how a 29-year-old man punched another man who had been suffering racial abuse from others during a night out in Grantham.

However it was stressed to magistrates that the defendant, Ian Haynes of Harlaxton Road, had not committed any racially aggravated offence himself, and therefore was charged with one count of assault by beating, to which he pleaded guilty,

Shelley Wilson, prosecuting, explained that the victim who has a white mother and a Pakistani father, had moved to Grantham between six to eight weeks before the incident on November 30.

He was out with colleagues for a work Christmas party, and during the course of the night several comments were made to him by strangers, including ‘your kind are not welcome around here’.

The victim decided to go outside, but then two men came out and one of them, identified as the defendant, punched him to the face which resulted in both of them ending up on the ground.

Police who were on duty nearby broke them apart, and Haynes was arrested.

He was abusive to officers, threatening to bite the nose off one and saying that he had slept with another’s wife.

Appearing for Haynes, Sonia Bhalla confirmed Haynes ‘wasn’t involved with any racism’ but said that he wasn’t proud of his actions which he committed while drunk.

In particular she said her client acknowledged that the comments he made to the police were ‘juvenile’.

She added that he had sought medical advice to deal with his behaviour, and was incredibly sorry,

Haynes was ordered to pay £200 in compensation, in addition to a £185 fine, £85 prosecution costs and a £20 victim surcharge.