Grantham court: Officer needed stitches after sudden assault

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After causing actual bodily harm to one police officer and injuring another, a Grantham man will appear before Lincoln Crown Court.

Matthew Luczak, 23, of Goldsmith Road, Grantham, admitted the two assaults against a police constable and a special constable at Butchers Row on October 4.

At 1.30am, officers were dealing with an incident when the defendant surprised one officer, coming up on his blindside and punching him to the right eye, causing immediate bleeding.

While the constable was calling by radio for urgent assistance, Luczak also punched a special constable to the head, before he was dragged away by a member of the public.

The assaults were captured on CCTV, and the constable was taken to hospital where he needed four stitches to his eyebrow and was left with permanent scarring.

Sonia Bhalla, defending, said her client had made a full admission during interview, and only challenged the multiple bail conditions her client had been put under since being charged, including a curfew.

After considering the facts, magistrates decided the offence falls outside their sentencing powers and the case was referred up to Lincoln Crown Court for sentencing, with a date to be determined.

Luczak remains on conditional bail not to enter any public houses in Grantham, but is no longer subject to a curfew.