Grantham court: One of burglary case defendants absent from court

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Two men are facing charges relating to a burglary that took place at a Swinstead property, but only one of the defendants appeared before Grantham Magistrates’ court.

Wayne Doughty, 38, of Colne Court, Grantham, pleaded not guilty to the burglary of a dwelling and theft of a vehicle, but his co-defendant Bryan Field, 35, of Croake Hill, Swinstead, was not there to answer the same two charges.

Field also faced charges of driving a vehicle without a licence or insurance.

The burglary at a house in Swinstead during which electrical items, designer clothing and a Suzuki Swift were taken amounting to an estimated total of £15,000 is believed to have taken place between October 25 and and November 12 last year while the owner was away.

The case was considered too serious for the trial to be heard by magistrates, and has been adjourned until June 16 at Lincoln Crown Court.

Doughty was given conditional bail, while Field in his absence was issued with an arrest warrent not backed with bail.