Grantham court: Party-goer admits racial harassment

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After admitting racially aggravated harassment following a Christmas party and repeatedly missing sessions of unpaid work, a Grantham man has had his community order revoked and replaced with a 12 week suspended sentence.

Nathan Baker, aged 25, of Edward Street, Grantham, had been sentenced on May 12 to 200 hours of unpaid work for committing common assault and battery, but according to Lincolnshire probation had completed only 17 and a half hours since then.

Then on December 20 at Commercial Road, Grantham, Baker was witnessed committing racially aggravated harassment by shouting: “I’m going to cut your throat, dirty f***ing Paki b*****d.”

Baker pleaded guilty to this offence, and admitted the breach of his community order.

Prosecutor Marie Stace outlined how at just after midnight a Commercial Road resident heard shouting from outside, and saw the defendant who was yelling at a neighbouring property, ‘Hey you, Paki b*****d, come out’ before making the other offensive remarks and running his finger across his throat.

The witness rang the police. During an interview Baker said that his ex-partner lived on Commerical Road with her new boyfriend, to whom the comments were directed.

Baker explained that he had been drinking at a Christmas party and remembered very little of the incident.

In addition Lincolnshire Probation reported that Baker had missed three unpaid work appointments, and although he had said that this had been due to attending his mother’s funeral, moving house, and bad weather.

Chris Pye-Smith, defending, said that the death of Baker’s mother in December had ‘affected his beahviour and motivation and his client did acknowledge that he should have arranged a different day to move house.

Magistrates were informed that Baker had also been serving a concurrent community order comprising of supervision and the building better relationships course.

Baker’s community order was revoked and he is now subject for the next year to a suspended sentence of 12 weeks in prison. He must also complete 150 hours of unpaid work, pay a fine of £465, prosecution costs of £85, a victim surcharge of £46, and £75 in costs to the probation service.