Grantham court: Racist and threatening texts to old boss

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A 24-year-old admitted racial harassment after sending threatening texts to his former boss.

The court heard how Samuel Ryman of Killarney Close sent numerous messages which included calling his old employer a ‘Paki t**t’.

Ryman pleaded guilty to racially aggravated harassment by writing.

Shelley Wilson, proseucting, explained how Ryman had been employed at Costcutter on Sunningdale Road eight months prior to the incident.

Although he initially worked hard at his job, Ryman was fired after suspicions that he was stealing from the shop.

This was dealt with by Ryman paying the money back, rather than any criminal proceedings.

However on September 3 his former boss started to receive text messages from an unknown number, among which was the threat, ‘I will break your car and house, w****r.’

Other texts read ‘I know you can see this, what you going to say’ and ‘What you going to do, run to the police?’

Moreover when the victim moved to a new address, which unknown to him happened to be only 40 metres from Ryman’s home, he received another text saying, ‘Nice new house. Won’t be like it for long. Neighbours from hell.’

Mrs Wilson added that the texts made the victim very nervous and frightened, and although he didn’t know the number he thought it might be Ryman because the texts started after they passed each other in the street.

Consequently he contacted police and when they arrested Ryman he admitted sending the messages.

In interview he said that he had done it because of losing his job and his old boss telling his new employer about the thefts, rather than it being racially motivated.

However Ryman said that the threats were empty and that he had no intention of causing any damage.

Sonia Bhalla, defending, said her client now recognised that the messages were ‘juvenile’ and ‘extremely immature’, and that in his discussions with her he had described himself as ‘the t**t’.

Miss Bhalla also read out a letter by Ryman in which apologised and wrote ‘I was at a very low point in my life. I was unemployed and with few prospects,’

Magistrates were informed that prior to this offence Ryman had no convictions, and Miss Bhalla added that he promised not to do anything like it again.

Ryman was sentenced to undertake 100 hours unpaid work, which was increased from 80 hours due to the racially aggravated aspect of his texts.

At the request of the victim a non-contact restraining order was also imposed, and Ryman must pay prosecution costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £60.