Grantham court: Serial shoplifter is charged with offence on leaving court

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A 32-year-old has pleaded guilty to stealing meat from a Grantham branch of Co-op, for which he was charged immediately after appearing in court for other shoplifting offences.

Paul Kavanagh of Kinoulton Court admitted to taking £55 worth of gammon steaks from the Co-op store on Princess Drive.

On May 2 at about 8.40pm the defendant was caught on CCTV putting the meat in his jacket and then walking out.

Kavanagh was subsequently arrested and in interview told police that he had stolen the steaks to sell because he needed the money to pay for food and electric bills.

Prosecutor Marie Stace explained how Kavanagh had already appeared in court on May 12 and pleaded guilty to other shoplifting offences, for which he received a community order with supervision.

Chris Pye-Smith, defending, confirmed this previous sentence in addition to the fact that as Kavanagh was walking back from court on May 12 a policeman had stopped him to talk about this other shoplifting offence.

Magistrates ordered Kavanagh to pay the Co-op compensation of £55, on top of his previous fines and community order.