Grantham court: Stole bike after drinking at fair

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A 22-year-old admitted to stealing a £650 mountain bike from Grantham railway station after drinking at the Mid-Lent fair.

Christopher Tucker of Beck Gardens, Grantham appeared at court and pleaded guilty to one charge of theft.

Prosecutor Marie Stace detailed how at 3.45pm on April 8 the victim who was travelling to London secured his bike at Grantham station with both a combination lock and a key lock.

However Tucker was then seen arriving with a group on CCTV, which captured him going over to the bike and pulling at it until it broke free.

Tucker left the station with the stolen bike, with the rest of the group following shortly afterwards.

Miss Stace explained that Tucker was subsequently identified and interviewed by police, during which he said that he had been drinking alcohol at the Mid-Lent fair prior to the offence, which he fully admitted.

Rob Arthur, defending, said that this was an unsophisticated theft with the railway covered by CCTV and Tucker making no attempt to hide himself.

When police recognised and contacted Tucker saying they needed to speak to him, he went into the station voluntarily.

Here he made a ‘full and frank admission’ and explained that he doesn’t drink regularly but had been out with a group of friends to the fair.

Mr Arthur added: “He puts the offence down to making a stupid decision under the influence of alcohol.”

Discussing his client’s background Mr Arthur outlined how Tucker had been expelled from school at the age of 12 and suffers from a severe form of ADHD which prevents him from working.

While he receives disability living allowance he was prone to spending this on cannabis.

Magistrates sentenced Tucker to a community order with a drug rehabilitation requirement lasting six months,

In addition he must pay £650 in compensation, and a £60 victim surcharge.