Grantham court: Threatening charge

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A 21-year-old has pleaded guilty to use threatening behaviour in relation to a fight in a Grantham nightclub.

Junior Gaskin of Trent Road, Grantham, pleaded guilty to the offence dating back to December 21 last year.

At 1.05am police on patrol by the Gravity bar were made aware of a fight inside, and entered to find Gaskin punching another male.

Officers and door staff got involved, and Gaskin continued to throw punches until he was restrained on the floor.

Defending Gaskin, Chris Pye-Smith said that his client ‘could think of himself as unlucky’ as police saw the end of the incident but not the start.

According to Gaskin he was provoked after his ex-girlfiend spat in his face and threw a punch at him, and when he reacted the other man got involved.

Mr Chris Pye-Smith highlighted that this man had not wanted to make a formal complaint, and that he and Gaskin had in fact seen in each other without any problems since to speak about the incident.

Gaskin was fined £75, in addition to a £20 victim surcharge and £85 in prosecution costs.