Grantham court: Took £150 worth of shopping from Aldi

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“Confusion” caused a woman to walk out of Aldi with more than £150 worth of shopping she had not paid for.

Hazel Hibbitt admitted committing a shop theft after she was caught having left the store with a trolley full of items she had not paid for.

Rob Arthur, defending, said Hibbitt believed her then partner was going to pay for the goods.

He said: “It appears there was some confusion between Miss Hibbitt and her ex-partner as to who was going to be responsible.

“She has confirmed it would be very difficult to prove her account as her ex-partner would not be willing to attend court and speak on her behalf.”

Hibbitt, 56, also admitted breaching three conditional discharges.

Sentencing was adjourned until June 28.