Grantham dancers achieve ‘outstanding’ results in exams

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Talented dancers have once again achieved ‘outstanding’ results in their recent exams, upholding their dance school’s 100 per cent pass record.

The youngsters, all pupils of the Grantham School of Dancing, were graded in their chosen disciplines of either ballet, tap and modern. Not only did they all pass, but they all achieved distinction and merit level.

The dancers, all aged between six and 18 years old work towards their exams each term and have around four intensive classes just before they take them.

Dance teachers Michelle Baker and Anita Lane are very proud of their pupils success. They said: “Once again, the results were outstanding and reflected the fact that all the students worked really hard. Their commitment maintains the 100 per cent record of Grantham School of Dancing in examinations. They should be very proud of their achievements.”


Ballet: Primary Grade, Distinction, Nancy Sharpe, Paige Stutely, Violet Darmon, Imogen Wright, Gracie Taylor, Esmae Mcguffie, Maisie Cole and Katy Degnan. Grade 1, Distinction, Sydney Platts, Ali Cockerton, Charlotte Chadwick, Evie Cassie, Skye Kightley, Jessica Jones, Cara Arthurs and Lottie Smith. Grade 2, Distinction: Emma Purdy, Evie Turner, Elspeth Smart, Kate Grainger and Ella Hulse. Grade 3, Distinction, Brooke Welsh, Cerys Arthurs, Emily Hudson and Savannah Wright. Grade 4, Merit Abbie Phillips. Grade 5, Distinction, Isabella Rossington, Chloe Hull, Merit, Bethan Smith.

Modern Grade 1, Distinction, Brooke Ridgeway, Imogen Wright. Merit, Brooke Dolby, Lauren Jackson. Grade 3, Distinction, Bethany Richardson, Leah Maslin and Mia Jennifer. Modern Inter-Foundation Level, Distinction: Shannon Mcguffie, Rebecca Mahony and Phoebe Collins. Intermediate Level, Distinction, Lucia Evans.

Tap Grade 2, Distinction, Alexia Lane, Sophie Richardson, Isabella Taylor and Skye Kightley, Merit, Sophie Timms, Mia Jennifer, Hannah Nicholls and Evie Whitfield. Tap Intermediate Level, Distinction: Shannon Mcguffie. Tap Advanced 1 Level Distinction, Lauren Herbert and Sophie Wright.