Grantham drivers are risking lives to save minutes

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A Grantham mum fears a child could be seriously injured or killed because of drivers trying to shave a few minutes off their daily commute.

But she has found that when she and her son get the “green man” to cross the road safely, the cars heading along Station Road away from the railway station also get the green light.

Ordinarily this would not create a problem if drivers, as they are supposed to, drive straight ahead into the one-way system.

But some drivers coming away from the train station are ignoring the “no left turn” sign and swinging into Harlaxton Road - bringing them straight into the path of crossing pedestrians.

Sarah said: “It’s causing real problems when I’m trying to get my children to school on a morning. In the last couple of months we’ve nearly been hit four or five times.

“One the other day had the cheek to beep his horn at us! I’m trying to teach my kids to cross the road safely - and they are - but this is still happening.”

Sarah can’t be sure if it is drivers simply trying to save time or they are not seeing the sign.

She said: “I know it’s a long way round but they are turning straight into us.”

Sarah says she has contacted Lincolnshire highways but the problem is essentially with drivers flouting the law and turning from Station Road into Harlaxton Road.

So many near misses has made Sarah dread letting her son walk to school on his own in the future.

She said: “When my boy’s older he’ll be crossing this road on his own which is scary.

“I always teach him to cross safely but that’s not enough here.”

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