Grantham family praises A&E ‘heroes’ after saving son’s life

Robbie Bontoft
Robbie Bontoft
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The family of a teenager who nearly died after suffering a massive epileptic seizure last month have described staff at Grantham Accident and Emergency (A&E) department as ‘heroes’ for saving his life.

Devoted mum Rachael Ford, of Harrowby Lane, says she owes her 18-year-old son Robbie Bontoft’s life to hospital staff after he started suffering from the life-threatening seizures last September, which can leave him unconscious for hours. She said: “The seizures just came from nowhere. The first we knew anything was wrong was when he passed out in the kitchen.”

Devoted mum Rachael Ford

Devoted mum Rachael Ford

As the seizures became more severe, medical staff diagnosed Robbie as having status epilepticus, a dangerous condition in which epileptic fits follow one another without recovery of consciousness between them.

Rachael added: “We have been to several other specialised hospitals due to his condition and a specialist renal unit due to acute kidney failure.”

But after suffering a severe seizure last month, paramedics rushed Robbie to Grantham A&E where staff were waiting for him.

Rachael added: “They said that Robbie wouldn’t have made the journey elsewhere and would have died.”

Rachael presented A&E staff with a hamper to say thank you.

Rachael presented A&E staff with a hamper to say thank you.

After several hours, they were finally able to stabilise Robbie and he was transferred to the intensive care unit at Peterborough City Hospital.

After being discharged, Robbie fell ill again and returned to Grantham A&E.

Rachael added: “Robbie went into ambulatory care at Grantham and again the staff were wonderful.”

After setting up a care plan, Robbie is now on the road to recovery with specialist help.

Rachael added: “Not only have they saved my son’s life, but the support we have received as a family has been astounding.”

Despite not being able to drive or be left on his own, Robbie has remained positive throughout his ordeal.

Rachael added: “As a mother, I feel very humbled with how well he has coped with everything. He is our hero.”

To show their appreciation, Rachael presented staff at Grantham A&E with a hamper of goodies for their staff room.

She added: “We wanted to show them how much we as a family appreciate their care and dedication, by a small gesture of goodies. We’d just like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts, as they gave us the best Christmas present we could wish for, Robbie.”

A&E sister Teresa Shepherd said: “We treat everyone as if they belong to us and we were really grateful to receive the hamper. It had lovely things in it such as tea, coffee and biscuits. It is always great to receive positive feedback. We are really happy that Robbie is doing well.”