Grantham firefighters rescue hapless kitty stuck in car bumper

The moggy got itself stuck in a car bumper.
The moggy got itself stuck in a car bumper.
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Firefighters have come to the rescue of an adventurous cat who got itself stuck inside a car bumper.

One fire crew from Grantham fire station was called to the scene shortly before 11am on Saturday morning after the car owner heard the cat crying out in distress.

Development crew manager at Grantham fire station Kevin Glover said: “Our control room received a call from the RSPCA requesting our assistance. It was classed as a non-emergency job but we are still happy to help.”

The five-man crew arrived at the scene to find a black and white cat stuck in the rear bumper.

Kevin added: “We had to remove the rear bumper. Once the cat was out, he seemed a bit shook up but otherwise fine. The owner of the car wrapped him up in a blanket and took him inside their home to wait for the RSPCA.

“As one of the animal rescue stations in the county, we do attend animal rescues, which could be anything from rescuing cats in distress to releasing horses or livestock which may have become stuck in mud, to stop members of the public putting their own lives at risk to rescue their animals.”