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Grantham firefighters rescue pet dog stuck between wall and garage for two days

Firefighters from Grantham were called out to rescue an adventurous dog this afternoon which had been stuck between a garage and a brick wall since Monday morning.

Lucy the two-year-old Labrador went missing from her owners house in Gonerby Hill Foot, on Monday morning.

Despite vast efforts from her owners James and Sally Corringan and members of the public, Lucy was nowhere to be found.

Jenny Milner also of Gonerby Hill Foot, helped in the search for Lucy.

She said: "I have known Lucy for a long time as I walk our dog Alfie in the same fields. When I heard that she was missing, my husband and I went out to look for her on Monday night with our head torches and wellies but couldn't see her."

It wasn't until this afternoon that Jenny decided to let her dog out and suddenly heard a dog barking from a garden which sounded close by.

Realising that Lucy was still missing, Jenny went to investigate.

She added: "The barking sounded strange so I followed the sound to next door's garden. I shouted Lucy and suddenly heard a whimper. I initially thought she was stuck in the garage but something made me walk behind where I discovered a hole about five or six foot deep.

"I saw a pair of eyes and a red harness and knew it was Lucy especially when I saw her tail wagging.

"She was stuck between a garage and a brick wall. There was just enough room for her tummy. She was stuck in an upright position with her feet down."

Jenny called a friend for help and together they tried to entice Lucy out with water and biscuits but quickly realised she was wedged and couldn't move.

Lucy had already been stuck for two days and with more time passing, Jenny called the fire brigade who rushed to help.

A fireman was lowered down into the hole and managed to ease Lucy slowly out to be reunited with her relieved owners James and Sally who took her to the vets for a check up.

James said: "She is doing really well. She has got a few minor abrasions but is now stretched out on the sofa having a well deserved nap.

"We were so worried when she went missing. Lucy is a real little gem for our family. We would like to thank everyone that helped us including the fire service, Dogs Lost and the Grantham Lost and Found Pets Facebook group, but there have been lots of others too. Thank you."

Lucy was rescued by Grantham firefighters. (5679425)
Lucy was rescued by Grantham firefighters. (5679425)

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