Grantham firms step in to help flood relief effort

Sandbags delivered to flood-hit areas in the UK.
Sandbags delivered to flood-hit areas in the UK.
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While parts of the country have been struggling to cope with severe flooding, two local companies have been working together around the clock to supply much-needed sandbags to some of the worst affected areas in the south of England.

SG Baker, of Old Wharf Road, Grantham, have been supplying the sandbags, while Treasure Transport Services, of Triangle Park, Gonerby Moor, have been transporting them to some of the areas of greatest need.

Sandbags delivered to flood-hit areas in the UK.

Sandbags delivered to flood-hit areas in the UK.

Such is the scale of the situation that, since February 1, staff at SG Baker’s have been working 24/7 for the last two weeks to supply more than half a million pre-filled or empty sandbags, with more than 1,500 tonnes of sand used in the filled bags.

Jim Stewart of SG Baker said: “We have been supplying the bags to flood areas in the Thames Valley, Somerset and the south coast.

“Altogether, that has involved approximately 50 full loads of filled sandbags ready for deployment.”

The company is no stranger to helping out in times of major flooding.

“In 2013, we were one of the leading suppliers to Eastern Europe during the June/July flooding in Hungary, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic when the Danube and Elbe rivers burst their banks,” explained Mr Stewart.

Treasure Transport Services have been taking the sandbags to the flood disaster areas in the south of England on behalf of the Environment Agency to help build up defences to try and divert water and protect homes.

Managing director of Treasure Transport, Peter Greenhalgh, said: “We have been working closely with Bakers.

“At times we have had a vehicle leaving the depot every four hours, day and night. On arrival in the flood areas the lorries have been unloaded by the military and others involved with the rescue operation.

“It has been quite intense, especially with the quick turn round.

“It’s such an unusual situation but we want to do what we can to help out people affected by the floods.”

** Earlier this month, it was announced that, after 58 years as an independent company, SG Baker Ltd was to become part of LC Packaging International Group.

SG Baker was established in Scotland in 1955, originally as a supplier of hessian sacks serving the potato growing industry.

In April 2005, the company established a site in Grantham after acquiring John Lee (Sacks) Limited, a long established packaging firm based in the town.