Grantham friends retire together from Boots store after combined 94 years of service

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Two friends have retired from Boots in Grantham after serving 94 years between them.

Elaine Pulfree, 64, retired after 48 years and Anne Sentance, 61, took early retirement after 46 years.

The pair, who live at Valley Road and Ryde Avenue, respectively, both worked at the High Street store.

Some 40 present and past employees of Boots joined the pair for a celebration evening at Prezzo in Grantham’s High Street.

Elaine told the Journal: “I joined Boots when I was 15. I was a Saturday girl. I just enjoyed the work and went all over the shop. I worked mainly on the pharmacy side and ended up as the pharm technician.”

Now, Elaine plans to play more tennis, meet friends for coffee and go fishing if her husband David, a 67-year-old former driver from the Prince William of Gloucester Barracks, takes her.

She added: “I will go on holidays and enjoy life.”

Anne began her career at the Boots store in 1972 as a supervisor in the records and photo departments.

She later went on to work on the fine fragrance counter, then operations and finally on the tills.

Anne said: “I have really enjoyed working there. I will miss it. I will miss being with the customers and looking after them, and also the staff. They are a great bunch of people.”

Anne, who is married with two step sons, is looking forward to going on a Mediterranean cruise later in the