Grantham grandmother’s support group for those missing out from grandchildren

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Martine Bruce, 62, who lives at Welby Everard Court in Grantham, wants grandparents who have little or no access to their grandchildren, to meet up and share their experiences.

She is setting up a group called Grandparents Missing Out which will meet in the lounge of Welby Everard Court, possibly on a Saturday afternoon, although times can be flexible. The group will meet for a couple of hours, maybe once a month.

She hopes that grandparents who have difficulties over access will be able to share information and support each other.

Martine has three grandchildren aged 8, 6, and 2 and she hasn’t seen them in two years. She said: “My daughter has completely disowned me. I have tried to contact her. I have sent texts but she has blocked me. She lives in Rochester but I do not know her address.”

Martine added: “I think this is an issue which needs to be addressed. I am in limbo. It’s so hurtful. I have even been for counselling.

“I want other grandparents to come and talk and support each other and we will see what we can do together.”

Martine says she knows other people in a similar situation, that have not talked about it until she brought up her experiences with them.

* If you are interested in joining the group or want more information contact Martine on 01476 573966 or email