Grantham great-grandmother injured after attack by dogs on leads

The field between Sandringham Drive and Tennyson Avenue.
The field between Sandringham Drive and Tennyson Avenue.
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A great-grandmother has described a horrific dog attack that left her with bleeding ankles and bruises to her body.

At around 10.30am on July 23 Ann Robson was walking across the playing field between Tennyson Avenue and Sandringham Drive with her 12-year-old Yorkshire Terrier Max. On her left she saw a man, aged she estimates in his 20s, with two grey whippets.

“Before I realised it, they were running towards us, on extending leads, and the young man could not stop them. They started jumping up me and went round and round my legs, stopping me from getting away. The cord cut into my ankles and they just kept jumping very high because I had to pick my little dog up who was on a lead.

“Eventually he got the dogs down and I got my ankles free, but it was very distressing. I had bleeding and bruised ankles, a very painful bruised right side. I had to visit my GP because of the pain,” she said.

Mrs Robson has since found and spoken to the owner. “I hope he has learnt a lesson and keeps his dogs under better control.” She has not reported it to police, but wants to warn others. “Just because dogs are on a lead, please still be vigilant, because if the owner cannot control them, this is what happens, and this could have been a young child.”