Grantham Green Fayre 2015 added to the town’s bill of events

Coun Charmaine Morgan in Wyndham Park, the venue of Grantham Green Fayre 2015. 803D
Coun Charmaine Morgan in Wyndham Park, the venue of Grantham Green Fayre 2015. 803D
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Never let it be said that there are no attractions in Grantham, as the town looks set to host yet another community event.

Grantham Carnival is never far away and this year marks the second bi-annual Gravity Fields Festival. Added to the list from August 2015 will be Grantham Green Fayre.

The weekend is the brainchild of Councillor Charmaine Morgan, who is a big believer in preserving the environment and being green.

She said: “In my role on the council’s planning committee, I realise how important some decisions we make and how they can have a significant effect on the environment.

“The aim of the fayre is to educate and have fun. There will be something there for everybody. There will be events for young children with exhibits from young people coming up with initiatives to portray what protecting the environment means to them.”

Local artists will be encouraged to get involved, as well as musicians, while traditional Victorian games and activities which use zero or little energy will form an integral part of the event.

Meanwhile, craftspeople will be invited to demonstrate their art, and experts asked to give talks about their field of work.

Coun Morgan is currently gathering support for the project, having approached the Wyndham Park Forum, district council and groups which fit the eco bill.

She said: “I’ve put the idea forward to the park forum and I hope they would support the idea. I’ve spoken to an officer at SKDC and he was supportive which is very encouraging. And I’ve had a very positive response from some local groups and offers to help already.”

** Anyone interested in taking part in Grantham Green Fayre 2015 can contact Coun Morgan on 01476 574748 or e-mail