Grantham has to offer something different

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The problem with Grantham’s retail scene is a combination of things:

* Not enough shops that people want to buy from

* Nobody has any money - unemployment is high

* The Internet offers better value for money

* Shop rents are too expensive

* Transport into Grantham is pretty rubbish - and what do we have to offer that Nottingham or Lincoln can’t?

I think we need to take a different approach and make Grantham DIFFERENT. Do we really want to be a clone town? Although I live in Grantham, I work full-time in Stamford and they don’t have many empty retail units.

The marketplace is always busy with people. Why?

In my opinion, they’ve got the right mix of charity shops, local businesses, eateries and retail outlets, unlike Grantham which is overloaded with ‘bargain’ and charity shops.

Stamford has charm. Let’s face it, charm and character isn’t really what you think of when you look at our High Street.

Why don’t those letting shop units out offer better incentives to people wanting to come onto the High Street?

Why don’t we promote our local and independent businesses? And most of all, why don’t we buy from our local and independent businesses?

People have no right to complain about the lack of shops in Grantham if they won’t buy from them. They’re not a charity case - if they’re not making money they WILL leave.

I feel the shops also need to adapt to everyone’s changing needs: the problem with shops such as New Look is that they’re so generic, and it was such a small shop that they couldn’t offer the range that everyone wanted.

I know I often walked in and walked back out again because there was nothing that generated any interest to me whatsoever.

It’s about people buying from businesses, but equally, it’s about businesses offering what the public want. And what do we want, exactly?

Alison Robson

via email