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Grantham Hospital needs £15.4 million of repairs as health trust buildings across Lincolnshire crumble, says union

A union says hospital buildings in the county are crumbling and in need of major repairs costing millions of pounds.

Hospital buildings across Lincolnshire require £87m worth of work to repair the damage after years of neglect, says UNISON.

The union says NHS Digital, which provides data to the NHS to help improve healthcare, has estimated that more than £5.8m is needed to tackle immediate, high-risk problems and avert major disruption to hospital services across Lincolnshire.

Grantham Hospital. (43124827)
Grantham Hospital. (43124827)

An additional £32.1m will also be needed to tackle serious building problems, where repairs or replacement require priority expenditure in the short term so as not to cause undue concern to statutory enforcement bodies or risk to healthcare delivery or safety, across the region's three NHS trusts.

Grantham Hospital needs £15.4 million of repairs while Pilgrim Hospital in Boston needs £36.6m of repairs, the most of any hospital in the county, according to the NHS Digital data. Lincoln County Hospital requires just over £22.6m of work.

Last month the government pledged to give United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust £9.6m for five building projects.

Chief executive of ULHT Andrew Morgan (28592996)
Chief executive of ULHT Andrew Morgan (28592996)

But Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Trust and Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust missed out on the desperately needed extra funding, despite facing repair bills of more than £12.7m, says UNISON.

UNISON East Midlands regional organiser Elliot Dean said: “These huge repair bills will get bigger unless the government urgently provides Lincolnshire trusts with the money needed to make hospital buildings safe. The £9.6m the government pledged to the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust last month is welcome but it's a mere drop in the ocean compared to the total repair bill.

"Some staff on the frontline are working in NHS properties that are no longer fit for purpose. This is unreasonable and no one should expect health workers caring for sick patients and saving lives to work in such poorly maintained buildings.”

Andrew Morgan, chief executive of ULHT, said: “The Lincolnshire NHS recently welcomed over £9.6m of new Government funding to support investment in a range of building and maintenance projects across the county.

“This includes new investment across United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust Pilgrim, Lincoln and Grantham sites for fire safety works, heating system improvements, electrical, roofing infrastructure and water safety repairs.

“In addition, further substantial investment across the Lincolnshire NHS includes:

  • £37.0m for re-providing mental health acute wards to eradicate dormitory accommodation
  • £21.3m to transform the emergency department at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston.
  • £7.0m to expand and upgrade the emergency department at Lincoln County Hospital.
  • £3.3m for a new ward at Lincoln County Hospital.
  • £1.3m on endoscopy equipment at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston.
  • £0.7m on critical care infrastructure at Lincoln County Hospital.
  • £2.8m on lighting systems across ULHT.
  • £2m on infection prevention control measures across wards – including a £1m full refurbishment of a ward at Lincoln County Hospital.
  • £0.2m on water systems at ULHT.
  • £0.7m on the redevelopment of Clinic 7 at Lincoln County Hospital.
  • £0.5m on MRI scanner works at Grantham and District Hospital.
  • £0.7m on works to enable CT scanner upgrades at Pilgrim and Grantham hospitals.
  • £2.5m on energy performance at ULHT.
  • £2.9m on new digital systems and IT infrastructure at ULHT.
  • £1.5m on expanding Pilgrim emergency department this winter and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • £2.4m on ULHT’s education centre as part of the development of a medical school in the county.

“Like any homeowner, repairs to NHS buildings are carefully prioritised using a risk assessment process to ensure our important services remain open and available for the public and affordable for the public purse.

“By working together across all NHS organisations based in Lincolnshire, we have been able to stretch the financial investment available to make sure key priority areas are targeted first.

Further multi-million pound investment in building maintenance across the local NHS is planned, subject to securing appropriate levels of ongoing Government funding.”

Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust says it owns four buildings across the county and has identified building repairs totalling £0.5m. It anticipates carrying out the majority of those repairs by the end of the next financial year.

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