Grantham hustings: Candidates answer questions on their qualities

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An election hustings with six of the parliamentary candidates for the Grantham and Stamford constituency was held at St Wulfram’s Church tonight.

It saw each of the candidates speak for three minutes, before answering questions submitted from members of the public on a range of issues, including healthcare, immigration, and what they would do to improve Grantham town centre.

The audience at the hustings in St Wulfram's Church.

The audience at the hustings in St Wulfram's Church.

The first question they faced was what qualities make them stand out as a person which will persuade people to vote for them? Watch this video to hear their answers.

Attending the hustings was current Conservative MP Nick Boles, Barrie Fairbairn of Labour, Harrish Bisnauthsing for the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party’s Aidan Campbell, Marietta King for UKIP, and Lincolnshire Independents’ candidate Jan Hansen. Independent candidate Ian Selby was not present due to a prior mayoral engagement.

Chairing the hustings was rector of St Wulfram’s, Father Stuart Cradduck.