Grantham in 2011: ‘We have to drive through radical change in Grantham’

MP Nick Boles is calling for radical change.
MP Nick Boles is calling for radical change.
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GRANTHAM MP Nick Boles believes “radical change” is needed in Grantham to improve the town and keep vital services.

Mr Boles, in a message to constituents to be printed in this Friday’s Journal, highlighted the news of the impending closure of M&S “as the moment when it became clear to everyone in Grantham that we have to drive through radical change”.

Mr Boles believes the people of Grantham are ready for such a change, saying “iron has entered the soul of Grantham residents...”

Here is an extract from Mr Boles column:

2010 was a sobering year for the people of Grantham.

News of the closure of Marks and Spencer was a body blow from which the whole community is still reeling.

It won’t be the first important shop to shut its doors and I fear it won’t be the last.

But, in years to come, I think we will look back on the closure of M&S as the moment when it became clear to everyone in Grantham that we have to drive through radical change, if we are to restore our town centre and retain the vital services that we all believe the town deserves.

In the months since the announcement, I sense that iron has entered the soul of Grantham residents, businesses, property owners and both elected councillors and senior officers on SKDC. I detect a new, common resolve to take the hard decisions necessary to secure the town’s future.

Read more about MP Nick Boles’ thoughts for the future in this Friday’s Journal (Dec 31).

- County Council Leader Martin Hill has this New Year’s message for the people of Grantham:

2011 will be a challenging year for us all. But I feel we are well placed at Lincolnshire County Council to face the difficult decisions that will need to be made.

We are working hard to progress the Grantham bypass and hope to see some good progress in 2011. The town centre improvements in the market place are also going well.

In 2011 the “Big Society” will become very important to community life and it will be only by working together that we can overcome the challenges that lie before us. A good example of this would be the way we have worked closely together with the community to secure the future of Grantham Museum.

I wish you all a happy, healthy and successful 2011.

-Grantham Sector Inspector Nigel Storey of Lincolnshire Police had this message for 2011:

Lincolnshire remains one of the safest counties to live in so next year one of our main priorities in Grantham and the surrounding areas is to continue the excellent work that we have been doing this year that makes this fact remain a reality. I will concentrate the work of my teams on reducing the number of residents who become victims of crime, on improving customer satisfaction and also raising the public’s trust and confidence in the work that we do at Lincolnshire Police.

One of the most effective ways we work is when it is done in partnership with other people and this includes the public. I would encourage members of the public not only to take responsibility for their own properties by keeping their homes and vehicles secure but also to help us by reporting anything they see, or hear about in their communities, that they consider to be suspicious.

I would like to give all residents in the Grantham area my very best wishes for Christmas and a peaceful New Year.