Grantham is becoming infamous for its drunks

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On a visit to Louth, my wife and I were offered a brochure extolling the virtues of the town by a spritely lady cyclist.

It transpired that she is a town councillor and a one-woman publicity campaign for her home town, which she so obviously loves dearly.

When we mentioned that we were from Grantham, she said that she had spent a day in our town recently and visited amongst other things, the Civic Hall. She said: “We liked the Civic Hall, but we don’t like the drunks outside though!”

And so it becomes clear: the abiding impression for many visitors to our town is exactly what I once again witnessed on St Peter’s Hill today.

Groups of drinkers consuming alcohol from dawn to dusk and beyond. With the accompanying extremes of behaviour, from unconscious to downright intimidating.

I notice that there are signs dotted about the town declaring that there are Alcohol Control Zones. Surely these areas should be monitored more closely and enforced where necessary in order to make our town a better place to live, work, shop and visit?


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